Upgrade Your Property With A Stunning Verandah

There may come a time when you decide to upgrade your property to either add value and increase your equity or increase the space you have available to you.

Where once your house provided everything you needed, you now find those demands have changed. It could be that you now have a larger sized family and therefore need some extra living space.

It might just be that you’re bored of looking at the same four walls and want to add some extra sparkle.

beautiful verandah designOne way to achieve this is to consider building an outdoor covered space. These come in many guises including verandahs (see examples here), covered patios, porches etc.

The great advantage of a verandah is that you can enjoy both the comfort of being indoors, while at the same time remaining connected to the great outdoors.

The following extract from homebuilding.co.uk will provide a better idea of the different options you have available.

Verandas and Covered Outdoor Spaces

Creating a covered outdoor living space means you can enjoy all the comforts of indoors while remaining connected to the outdoors — Natasha Brinsmead takes you through the things you need to consider.

Covered outdoor spaces actually come in many different guises and have many different terms applied to them — including verandas, but also decks, covered patios, loggias, porte cochére and living porches being among the most popular.

Whatever you choose to call them, these are semi-indoor/outdoor spaces which have been designed as part of the main building, as opposed to a separate structure in the garden. They range from those that are supported on pillars to those which are enclosed on all but one side — offering a far more permanent look than a pergola.

However, what they all have in common is that they offer not only shelter, but warmth, light and a space to enjoy your garden in total comfort whatever the weather — somewhere in between a living room and a patio.

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It’s always advisable to get advice if you have little to no experience in building outdoor areas. Alternatively, if you decide you’d like to give it a go yourself, then you should consider these common mistakes to avoid.

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Building a Veranda Deck

1. Using Board Lengths That Are Too Short or a Poor Layout

Using board lengths that are too short or a poor layout of the boards can cause wastage of the deck boards. Improper planning can result in you spending more and going over your budget. It also prolongs the time that is needed to build your deck. To eliminate this problem, think carefully before embarking on this project. Start by laying the deck boards from your house outwards to the deck’s edge.
2. Under-Estimating the Board Quantity and the Time Needed for Installation

Because of poor decision making and planning, a normal deck project usually goes beyond the budget. Wastages caused by triangles, odd-shaped decks, 45-degree angle, circles, or non-squared deck shapes can increase the quantity of boards required and time involved significantly. To solve this problem, design your veranda deck in such a way that it suits the deck boards’ length. This will reduce board wastage, and thus you get an even bigger deck without additional cost. It also makes installation fast.
3. Painting the Veranda Deck

If you want to paint the veranda deck, only the top of the deck can be painted. This means that the boards’ other three sides are not painted. When moisture gets into the deck, it causes the deck to swell which makes the paint crack and peel. Water seeps in after the paint cracks and causes rotting.

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Pergolas R Us have designed and built many verandahs for your customers. Our approach is to ensure we understand our customer’s needs completely.

We’re passionate about providing the verandah you want and strive to provide our customers the best building experience in Melbourne.

If you’d like to find out more about how we can help, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

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